Lomanlisa Micro Coil Latex Euro Top Pocket Spring Queen Mattress

Lomanlisa Micro Coil Latex Euro Top Pocket Spring Queen Mattress


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Lomanlisa Royal  Micro-coil Pocket Spring mattress
with Latex Euro Top  
High Profile Micro Pocket Coil  offering significant full body ergonomic support 
 Medium Firm
 Queen size 153 X 204 X 30 cm

This premium Euro top pocket spring mattress features Micro Coil pocket spring system for ergonomic back support and the latex / high density foam euro top for superior comfort.

Advanced Production Technology of Micro Coil Pocket Springs breathes new life into the pocketed mattresses.

Micro pocket spring system is quickly becoming one of the most preferred spring systems by mattress manufacturers, especially in the high quality (more expensive) pocket spring mattresses. The micro pocket spring system is one of the most comfortable as well as one of the most complex spring systems. This new system improves the already superior performance characteristics, durability.

Benefits of Micro Pocket Spring system

 Small diameter coils / more coil counts

The number of the springs determines the points of micro-adaptation of the mattress. The micro coil system provide twice as many springs per square meter and around 3 times as much endurance against sagging compare with other regular pocket spring systems.

It’s all a matter of points of contact between the mattress and our body: more springs in a mattress means more points of contacts, and therefore a better support to the whole body.

Increased resilience and high coil count make the micro pocket spring the perfect choice for long lasting comfort and support.

On top of the pocket spring system is a Latex plush euro pillow top.  The latex, high density foam work together as a pressure relieving comfort layer, significantly reduce the pressure per body point and increases the comfort of every sleep position.

This amazing mattress also comes in vacuum packaging, in plastic rolled and in a carry carton. The spring system will recover in 5 minutes after unpacking, while the comfort layer (latex and foam) may take a few hours to expand to full size.


Main features of this mattress:

  • Featuring advanced pocket spring system -- High Profile MICRO COIL Pocket Spring.
  • 1500 units of Individually Tempered Pocket Spring Micro Coils offering maximum full body ergonomic support and ultimate comfort. 
  • 7 cm thick Comfort layer of natural Latex and high density foam for extra pressure relief. 
  • Premium Quality Ultra Soft Stretch Knit Cover with beautiful jacquard patterns.   
  • Hypoallergenic and hygienic
  • Queen size 153 x 203cm. Mattress depth 30 cm.
  • Mattress weight > 60 kg.
  • Innovative high tech vacuum packaging technology in a box (160x 38x 38cm) for easy handling and safe transport. It will expand in minutes after unpacking. The comfort latex euro top layer may take overnight to fully restore its shape.
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