Lomanlisa Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress Medium Firm Queen

Lomanlisa Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress Medium Firm Queen

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Lomanlisa Comfort Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress 

Queen: 153 X 204 cm



Advanced Pocket Spring for Individualized comfort and support, significantly reducing partner disturbance

Comfort level:  Medium firm

2.1 mm gauge pocket spring, 768 coil count   

Luxury Knitted fabric Cover

Mattress thickness 26 cm

3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The Euro Pillow Top pocket spring Mattress, incorporates a technologically advanced, 5 zoned support system that gives extra support where you need it most, without sacrificing comfort. With the ultra comfort euro pillow top, this comfort Euro top pocket sprint spring mattress is such irresistible indulgence so you have to feel it and appreciate it.
Unlike the "Bonnell" spring mattresses in which springs are tied together, Pocket springs are individually wrapped and individually compress according to the contour of your body, reducing pressure on joints whilst also absorbing the impact of your partner climbing in and out of bed. No two springs are linked so there is no chain reaction when movement occurs or your partner rolls over during the night, thus keeping partner disturbance to a minimum. 

Mattress structure

A. Quilting Layer (top)

1. Deluxe Knitted Fabric mattress cover

2. 100g/m2 polyester fiber

3. 1 cm 25 density foam

4. 1 cm 25 density foam

5. 30g Non-woven fabric

6. 3cm 25 density inner foam

7. 75g Non-woven fabric

B. Pocket Spring Layer

Tempered steel pocket spring. 6 turn coils. 2.1 mm gauge pocket spring provide sufficient back support.   

C. Quilting Layer (bottom)

1. 30g non-woven fabric

2. 1.5 cm 25density foam

3. 320g/m2 knitted fabric 

Packaging: The mattress is packed using our high tech vacuum packaging technology in a box (Queen: 158 x 33 x 33cm) with two wheels and a handle for easy handling and  transport. It will expand in minutes after unpacking and will restore to its original shape in a few hours.

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